Golden many shades, so little time!

Big, beautiful, and with a personality like no other! A Golden Retriever will smile, share their drinks with you, and they love to welcome anyone into "their" home. Even if it happens to be a thief...they'll gladly entertain him, and give him a tour of your whole house!

Yes, a Goldens' job is to make sure everyone leaves your home with a good feeling inside! And if they happen to also leave with your money, jewelry, or TV set, you can bet that your Golden Retriever is content and proud, knowing that he did a good job of representing this loving and gentle group of dogs!

beautiful male Golden Retriever

©Photo Courtesy of Feskie Rodriguez

Goldens are addictive. They steal your heart, and it is so very hard to only own one of them. I should know, I currently am the proud owner of 7!

Yes, you read that correctly. And I guess that you really should sit down before you read this next sentence...

They all live in my house with me!

I have raised some from birth, bought some as young puppies, obtained some already grown, and also breed them.

No, I will not be selling any of my retriever puppies on this site. I just want to share my experience, love, and knowledge with you.

Maybe you've just purchased a new retriever pup and are seeking advice and information on basic puppy training and proper puppy care.

Considering adopting an older Goldie and wondering if she will adjust to your home?

Wondering about breeding your dogs and what is involved in the process from beginning to end?

Or, just love this magnificent breed?

Well, sit and stay awhile, as we explore all the various aspects, ins and outs, ups and downs, and adoration of this outstanding class of dog!

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Golden Retriever wearing a cowboy hat

Golden Retriever puppies peeking out of a basket

senior Golden Retriever smiling