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One of a Kind Dog Portraits

Hand-drawn dog portraits are the perfect way to capture your special moment in time!

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Josie Hayes

My best friend and first true love showed me how to love people and myself. She taught me in the short time she was here with me, the true secrets of life.

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Our boy Jake

On the day my youngest child was born I was blind sighted by the fact that it was a girl instead of a boy. After all,The doctor told us were having a boy

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My baby Nuggett

I will always remember her picking me at the breeders! I sat on the floor cross legged while her 2 other sisters were playing and romping she climbed

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My best friend Stryker

Stryker was the most beautiful dog I've ever had. He was so loving and happy until he developed a brain tumor and had to be put down. My most fond memories

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After 15 years, old Louis J's body finally gave-out. He literally could no longer get himself up. My wife and I tried our best carrying him down the four

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12 years of Love, bumpers, YOUR DUCK, Busch Conservation, walks to Tom's, rabbits, and Dairy Queen (in your later years). You're missed and will always

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Prince was 5 years old when he died suddenly at my side. He was fit, healthy, and always happy. He gave unconditional love to everyone he ever met. He

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My Heart, My Sammy

He came to me from a neighbor that didn't want him. I use to watch him in her back yard, jumping with her children on the trampoline. Sammy's doggie smile,

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Our Darling Millie

Our Darling little girl Millie born 12th April 2007 died Saturday 16th April 2014 at 3.15 pm. Her name came from our surname the Millers, she will be

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Tribute to Benson 20th October 2001 to 5 September 2014 Bennie and I grow up together. He was playful, cheeky, kind, loving and loyal. He was my protector.

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My Beloved Chow Chow

Chow Chow was my first ever dog and we brought him home when he was a puppy. Through out these 13 years and 4 months, Chow Chow has been part of the family,

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Interactive Toys for Dogs

These interactive toys for dogs will entertain both you and Fido!

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Intelligent Dog Toys

If you own dogs that like to be intellectually challenged, then you'll love these intelligent dog toys!

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My dear sweet Precious

Precious was 5 years old when we were able to get her. The people who had her had actually tied her to a tree with no shelter except a picnic table.

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Golden Retriever puppies peeking out of a basket

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