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Heartworm Disease in Dogs

Heartworm disease in dogs is very dangerous and many times it is fatal.

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Golden Retriever Temperament | Golden Retriever Characteristics

Learn what it is about the Golden Retriever Temperament that makes them one of the most beloved dogs!

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Dog Cookie Recipe | Making Homemade Dog Treats

If you are looking for a favorite dog cookie recipe, you'll love this site, as we have several to choose from!

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Bottle Feeding Puppies

Proper puppy care sometimes involves bottle feeding puppies. Learn when newborn puppies need this.

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Best Way to Kill Fleas and Stop Flea Bites!

Learn the quickest and best way to kill fleas!

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Kennel Cough Vaccine

When should a kennel cough vaccine be given?

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Crate Training an Older Dog

Crate training an older dog has its own slightly different problems than when trying to train a puppy!

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How to Remove Dog Urine Odor

Remove dog urine odor quickly and inexpensively by using this everyday household item!

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Canine Heat Cycle | Dogs in Heat

Understanding the canine heat cycle and behavior changes of dogs in heat.

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Our Beloved Nugget

Nugget was my very first Golden Girl. She came to us in 2001 and since then our lives have been so much better. Nugget and I have been thru alot together.

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My precious Heidi

August of 2003, my friend found a Golden in the park, she would not leave that spot. She put up signs to see if anyone would claim her. No one said a

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Our Precious Hannah

Our Precious Hannah (8 1/2 yo) was taken from us suddenly two days ago; and my heart is broken and aching without her. Our family isn't whole without

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Buddy Guy Weaver That was the name our family gave him. We got him when Buddy was 7 wks old, Buddy only peed in the house once while we we're potty training

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Coors the King of Goldens

Coors was a 12 year old Golden Retriever but he was much more. A very loyal, smart, friend, and sweet family member. He was the only dog we have ever

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My best friend, Brody.

I was two years old when my mom loaded my brother Jadon, our family friend Krystal and me into the car and headed to New Jersey to pick up our new

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