When do Newborn Puppies Open their Eyes?

Stages of Puppies Growth - Sight and Sound

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One of the “cutest” stages of puppy development is when newborn puppies open their eyes!

Who can resist puppy eyes? Not me! :)

Generally, puppies open their eyes at 14 days. This of course, is just a guideline.

newborn puppies open eyes, young golden puppies one eye showing

Some will open their eyes a day or two earlier, and some a day or two later.

Many pups will only open one eye for a day or so, before their other eye opens!

Golden Retriever's eyes will have a slight blue tinge to them when they first open, but this doesn't last very long. This is because they aren't quite able to focus yet.

Another stage of puppy growth development is when puppies get their hearing. Puppies are born deaf and can not hear a thing.

Newborn puppies ears will open between 10 to 14 days of age.

You will notice when they do get their hearing, as they will startle when you speak to them while they are still adjusting to the new sounds around them.

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