Puppy Growth from Birth to 8 Weeks

A Newborn Puppy's Development and Needs

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Having a newborn litter of Golden Retrievers, in the house, is exciting to say the least!

The various stages of puppy growth is amazing and fun, but there are also many things you need to be prepared for.

It's thrilling to watch your puppies eyes open and know when they can hear you speak to them!

Watching them learn how to wobble-walk, growl, bark, and wrestle is cuter than anything else on earth!

puppy growth and development, 7 newborn puppies

Feeding them their first bowl of “real” puppy food and shaking your head in disbelief when one of them decides to lay down in the bowl to eat his meal!

A litter of puppies are fun, there's no doubt about it!

However, along with all of this enjoyment comes a few important responsibilities to ensure proper puppy development, and lots of work.

Worming puppies starts much earlier than expected, and knowing when, what, and how often they need wormed, should be a top priority, as this is essential for proper growth.

You will need only a few basic supplies to worm your litter properly.

You'll need to know when to start weaning the puppies and how to go about doing that, not only for the health of your pups, but for the mother Golden Retriever's health and comfort as well.

puppy growth and development, Golden Retriever puppies kissing each other

Of course puppy vaccinations need to be given and you will need to decide if this is something that you will do yourself or have a vet do for your litter.

To answer the question of, “How long do puppies grow?”, they grow for over a year, closer to a year and a half.

The greatest growth rate is between newborn and 8 weeks of age.

Since most, if not all, of your precious litter will probably be in new homes after this time frame, it is extremely important that you see to it that they are given the best possible start in life!

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