Which Puppy Wormer Should Be Used And When?

Worming Puppies Starts At 2 Weeks Of Age!

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Many people do not realize that puppies should be given a puppy wormer starting at 2 weeks of age.

The reason that worming puppies start so young, is because worms are actually passed by the mother to her litter during pregnancy and nursing.

If your dog had worms when she was a pup herself, she will pass them onto her litter even if she is shown to be free of worms when she is bred! 2 young Golden Retriever pups

It seems that they lay dormant in her system, until pregnancy and nursing, and then they become re-activated to start the vicious cycle all over again.

These parasites can be extremely hard to get rid of if you wait too long to begin using a wormer.

Even putting off the wormer for just a week or two, will cause the pups trouble, and they will have a longer battle of dealing with and getting rid of worms.

The proper newborn worming schedule is at 2, 3, 4, and 6 weeks of age and every 2 weeks after that until the pups are 10 to 12 weeks old.

Usually by this time, they will then be on a monthly heartworm preventative, which will kill most types of dog worms along with it.

Your puppies will need to be weighed and wormed individually, so they are receiving an accurate dose of wormer.

I always use a syringe and fair warning, the pups will think you are torturing them!

Do not just put the wormer into the dog dish and try to worm them all at once. This is dangerous as some pups will get too much medicine and others will not get enough.

puppy worms, Golden Retriever momma checking on pups

There are 3 good brands that I have used and trust.

One is Nemex 2, which is a well known brand, another is Evict DS, and another is ProWormer-2 which is a product made by Drs. Foster and Smith, a company that I have used for many years.

All of these products are safe and effective, and I have never had any adverse side effects on pups, from using them.

If the momma is not on a monthly heartworm preventative, which also kills other worms, then she will need to be treated for worms at the same time that her puppies are.

If she is on a monthly preventative, then I do not give her any additional worming medications.

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