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Puppy Training Tips

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When it comes to training puppies, you need to teach your Golden Retriever the basics.

Even if you have no desire to teach your Golden the “extra’s”, such as frisbee playing or having the telephone brought to you,(one of our favorites!) it is basic puppy training that will serve you well throughout all of her life.

training puppies, Golden Retriever playing baseball

©Photo Courtesy of Lori Ostroski

Your beautiful, precious pup has a lot of things to learn, and you have a huge task in front of you in training her.

Golden Retrievers learn best with lots of praise and petting. They seem to live for your affection, so use this to your advantage!

I rarely use any type of food treats when training, as Golden Retriever puppies thrive on praise and affection. And since I rarely do use treats, it helps in cutting down on her begging for food!

However, when I bring an adult Golden into my home, I do use treats, as this does seem to help an older, untrained dog learn faster.

The easiest and most efficient way of training puppies is prevention and starting off correctly.
training puppies, Golden Retriever puppy running

©Photo Courtesy of Denise Oechsler

When it comes to basic training, puppies can learn many things at the same time. It’s quite amazing at how quickly they pick up on things.

Leash training, crate training, and housebreaking go hand in hand and you will need to work on these as a unit.

Your Golden Retriever will go through the jumping up on you stage at the same time that she is trying out her puppy biting. Work on these at the same time also.

Start teaching her to sit as soon as she comes into your home, and do not put off working with her on her chewing, as her sharp teeth can quickly cause damage! And of course, teaching her to fetch will bring both of you hours of fun.

It doesn’t matter what words you choose for your commands, the important trick is that you always use the same words, so that your pup will recognize and understand what you want her to do.

training puppies, Golden Retriever pup laying in the woods

©Photo Courtesy of

Amaury de Séjournet

If you do not want her on the furniture, then decide if you will say “off” or “get down”, and then stick with the word that you have chosen. Make sure that everyone in the household also uses the same words.

Although, I personally, use the “off” command in this example, as “down” is meant for her to lay down.

Consistency, praise, and fun are the most essential keys in her training. If you are not consistent, then she won’t be either!

Giving her lots of enthusiastic praise and petting makes training fun for her and relaxed and enjoyable for you, especially when you see that famous “Golden smile“!

training puppies, Golden Retriever puppy smiling

©Photo Courtesy of JoAnn Srein

Too many owners do not take the time to teach their new puppy what is and isn’t acceptable. Then, when they end up with an ill-mannered adult Golden, they want to place the blame on either bad genetics or bad breeding.

When truthfully, most adult dog problems would have been eliminated had the puppy been worked with from the start.

Start with basic puppy training, and after she has mastered that, then move on to more advanced training.

As this site grows, the following list will grow, but in the meantime, here are some good starting points.

••• crate training ••• leash training ••• housebreaking

•••• sit •••• jumping •••• biting •••• chewing •••• fetch

training puppies, Golden Retriever wearing baseball hat

©Photo Courtesy of Fonda Feingold


Remember that training puppies takes time. But it is fun, rewarding, and reaps a lifetime of benefits for you, your Golden, and everyone she comes into contact with!

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