Golden Retriever Characteristics

From a chubby ball of golden fluff to a beautiful, graceful, and elegant looking dog, Golden Retriever characteristics are unmatched!

Their long, flowing coats in shades of beautiful gold, big friendly brown eyes and famous smile is what makes the Golden Retriever one of the most recognizable breed of dogs!

Besides their famous smiles, Goldens are also known to be “talkers”. 

©Photo Courtesy of Carolyn Kinniery

adult and young Golden Retriever posing for camera together

When you first get up in the morning, or come home from being gone all day, you can bet that your Goldens will be wagging their tails with a toy in their mouth and making all sorts of sounds.

They will also do this with strangers that come into your house! 

I can not count the times that someone has asked me, “What is she doing?”. 

As soon as I explain that she is simply verbally greeting them with a present, then she gets a bunch of petting which is what she was looking for in the first place!

Other characteristics include having a soft mouth, as they were bred for retrieving game, and this helps prevent damage to the bird.

They also have beautiful fur that consists of a soft, glossy, water repellent outer coat and a fairly dense undercoat.  They do shed quite a bit of fur.

The retriever temperament is active, but also calm, making them the best of both worlds as they are always ready for a hike in the woods, or just as content laying next to you while watching a movie.

© Photo Courtesy of kevinlovestone

light colored Golden Retriever laying on couch with toy

One of the many outstanding characteristics of Goldens is their eagerness to please.

These characteristics contribute to their excellent performance in obedience and agility competition and makes them great as hunting dogs, guide dogs, therapy dogs, and for search and rescue work.

The first three dogs of any breed to achieve the AKC Obedience Champion title were all Goldens.

They are easy to train, but keep in mind, that they learn best by using positive reinforcement, as opposed to any type of harsh training.

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