A Rumour of Angels

by Ellyn V.K.
(Munson, OH)

When my first Golden Retriever, Belle, became old and feeble I began to feel the sorrow that all pet owners experience - facing the sadness of starting to let go. I went to the video store one evening and a man tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I wanted to see a good movie. It was called A Rumour of Angels. The woman in the movie's name was Maddy, a spunky old woman who became a friend and mentor to a young boy whose mother had died. In the end Maddy died too, but her beautiful spirit lived on.

And so that is how my second dog's name came about. Her grandfather was Belle's father and so it seemed that Belle's beautiful spirit lived on through Maddy. She lived up to her name alright, she was spirited and a handful, and I was almost worried I'd bit off more than what I could possibly handle. But as the years went on she became the most precious and loving dog one could ever imagine. The reaction of anyone who met her seemed to be the same: annoyment (due to her energetic insistence!) to falling absolutely in love with her. She had the most innocent, loving spirit one could ever imagine.

About a month ago Maddy developed a slight choking cough and shortly thereafter a large mass on her shoulder. I had already begun to prepare myself by the time I reached the vet; my precious dog of 7 years had an aggressive cancer. On November 14 Maddy had to be put down.

The house that she once brought so much life and love into is so quiet and empty right now. I know that one day another dog will have to try to fill her shoes, but for right now I'm loving angels instead.

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