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Hi! My name is Diane and I am the author, owner, and creator of this website.

I’ve always had a passion for animals of all types.

As a child, I would bring home any type of critter that I came across, although, not always with my parents appreciation!

This included rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, turtles, toads, and salamanders! My parents drew the line at preying mantis cocoons.

It seems they weren’t too happy about me trying to attract fruit flies into the house to feed the hatchlings!

Then, one day, my brother and I found an abandoned puppy. We snuck him home and tried to hide him, but his crying at night, soon got us caught!

After several days of checking with the local dog shelter, and neighbors, we couldn’t find an owner and were allowed to keep the puppy. I think Mom and Dad decided that a dog was better than insects and bugs in the house!

So this is how my lifelong love affair with dogs began.

Over the past many decades, I’ve trained, loved, raised, and bred different breeds of dogs. Golden Retrievers were always a favorite of mine, but my oldest daughter was allergic to their fur, and Goldens do have a lot of fur!

As soon as she graduated high school, she moved out on her own, and I immediately bought a beautiful, male Golden, who was a year and a half old.

For any of you that already owns a Golden Retriever, then you understand the addiction to this most perfect breed!

Since obtaining my boy, Boomer, we’ve added immensely to our “collection”!

Over the many years of raising, training, living with, and breeding Goldens, I’ve got quite a personal education that I decided to share with other people.

My knowledge and passion for the Golden Retriever breed is immense. However, I still have a great deal to learn about computers and websites!

So, as this site continues to expand and grow, if you have any comments on articles that you would like to see, or feedback that you would like to share, please contact me.

If you have found the information on this website to be useful, and would like to link to us, please copy and paste the code below onto your website, your Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

It should appear like this on your site.

All About Goldens is an informative guide for Golden Retriever lovers. Covering all aspects of the breed including raising and training Golden puppies, health care, and everyday issues of living with this beautiful breed of dog.

Please note, that I am not selling, and never will be selling any puppies through this site, so please do not contact me for those purposes.

Also, your e-mail address is completely safe and secure, as I do not share your information with any other party.

Thank you!


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