Affordable, easy to clean whelping box

by JRG
(Ocala Florida )

After reading about whelping boxes my son decided it was a good idea and built one for our golden retriever. He used about 1/4" round pvc and built the frame. It's great since it's light weight and sturdy.

He cut 8 even pieces, one for the top and one for the bottom. Then 8 smaller even pieces, 4 for the corners and 4 for braces in the centers of each wall. They are long enough to make the sides where she can get out easy enough but the puppies can't.

Using 8 pvc 3way corner pieces he assembled the frame. You can glue or screw them so they stay together. Then he took a sheet of vinyl and cut 4 even pieces for the sides. He screwed these on making sure to screw only stick out inside the pvc post so no one gets hurt.

For the bottom I take some old blankets and sheets and place them where they stick out just under the edge so the box piece holds them in place. It's handy to have a few extra so you can change them out. The box lifts pretty easy for this. The sides are easy to wipe clean

As a bonus feature he added 3 extra pieces of pvc and slightly bent them and connected them on the top. Where we hook a blanket over 1/2 to help keep them warm and give a darker area where Mom likes to lay.

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