Alex, "that" dog of my life."

by Mark
(Grand Blanc, MI)

This is recent and still rather fresh to the point it still hurts a lot. Alex left us just this past Sunday. Maybe a post where it is that fresh can make others realize how far they have come and what a special animal ALL Golden Retrievers are.

Alex was very smart, a good leader of three other Goldens. What broke me up is that he (in his head) wanted to stay. But his body was racked with cancer and causing him great discomfort. That was Alex, always wanting to be there.

For car rides, you can lay out the leash in one long line, he would come over and fold it perfectly in thirds and take it in his mouth to the car, knowing he was going for a ride.

We had 11 days from diagnosis to the last procedure. We wanted to keep his bucket list going, we brought him to a lake in those last 11 days, he grew up with his litter, near water and knew how to swim and loved water. Of course there was a 6 year old nearby and Alex was very friendly and wanted to play with her and her floating giraffe, but the girl was not used to big dogs.

Even laying on the floor waiting for his last procedure ever, a stranger (the billing manager) came by and petted Alex. Of course the tail wagged. That was Alex.

When I get further in this process, I will post pics and certainly have a brighter picture to paint. You don't realize how hard this was, as I KNEW that Alex was the dog of my life. Many dog owners want "that dog of their life" and won't get "that" dog. But they still love their dogs unlike any other. Alex was "that" dog, I am blessed to have had him and that being taken by cancer at age 8 was a little early for me. For I know no dog will come close to the bar he set.

I loved reading the other profiles here and hope that all still have some Goldens in their lives as I still have three others going strong. Since this is so fresh, those three walk around and not understanding why they are missing ONE from their pack.

Thanks Alex, for hanging with us and I said before you left..."I WILL FIND YOU!" Just like Joe Kenda, but in a more positive way.

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