Tribute to Benson
20th October 2001 to 5 September 2014

Bennie and I grow up together. He was playful, cheeky, kind, loving and loyal. He was my protector. He would always greet me, tail wagging with a teddy in his mouth. He was very intelligent. If he wanted to let me know he wanted to go for a walk he would pick up his lead. He only barked to let us know when something wasn't right or to let me know he wanted to come inside. Bennie never got aggressive or bit, that's the kind of dog he was.

He never lost his playfulness. It was his body that couldn't keep up in the end.When Bennie got sick we could only manage his condition. Sadly his condition got worse and he was having more bad days then good ones. Putting him to sleep was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. I feel at peace knowing I made the right decision for Bennie. He was suffering and now is at peace.

Bennie was very much loved and will be never forgotten. He has a whole family who loved him.

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