The Best Way to Kill Fleas

Having fleas on our dogs is never a good thing.  The best way to kill fleas is to simply treat your dog with the proper preventatives.

By properly treating them, combined with vacuuming your house, they will no longer be an issue for you, your dog, or your home!

The reason that topical flea treatments work so effectively, is because they kill and break the flea life cycle.

This life cycle must be broken in order for your household to be free of these pests.

When a flea bites into a protected dog, the medicine will not only kill it, but it stops the cycle from continuing.

There are many good topical flea products on the market that are safe for your pets.

I use Frontline Plus on my Goldens. It is a topical flea ointment that is applied between the dog’s shoulder blades.

It is by far the best way to kill fleas that I have ever found. And when it is combined with regular vacuuming of the house, we have zero fleas in our home.

That speaks volumes with the amount of Golden Retrievers living here!

There are also two other topical flea kill products on the market that I have heard are good products.

They are K9Advantix and Advantage. I have not personally used them though, so I can not tell you about them from a personal perspective.

These products are safe for puppies that are at least 8 weeks of age.  If your puppy is younger than this, you will have to flea treat him differently than you would for an older pup.

I have however, used Hartz brand once, and it made one of my dogs very sick. This was a few years ago, but I personally would never try it again.

Though I love Frontline Plus topical ointment, I have tried the Frontline Spray and decided that was a huge waste of money, as it really didn’t do a very good job, and did not kill the fleas.

©Photo Courtesy of M. Ben Riddick

If you decide to use Frontline Plus, or any other topical ointment, do not bathe your Golden Retriever for 2 days before applying it, and for 2 days after it was applied.

For it to work correctly, it needs to combine with your dog’s natural oil in his skin.

Other than this time frame only, it is fine to bathe your Golden, and allow him to swim or otherwise get wet. It will still keep on working.

It is normal for there to be an oily-looking spot where you apply it, for about 48 hours. This will go away on its own, and you should not try and rinse that off.

One of the other things that I love about Frontline Plus, is the fact that it will continue to kill fleas for longer than a month.

The tick protection that it has in it, will kill ticks for one month. But if ticks are not a problem in your area, then monthly applications are not needed. 

Frontline Plus will continue its protection for up to 3 months.
If you have own more than one dog, as I do, here is how I guarantee to kill all fleas in my home.

I do not treat all of my Golden Retrievers at the same time.  Instead, I stagger their treatments.

This way, if the Frontline is nearing its peak in effectiveness, the other dogs pick up the slack, so to speak!

A couple of my Goldens will be treated in March, a couple more in April, and yet a couple more in May. Then in June, the cycle starts over again. I keep a “dog” calendar, so I don’t forget which dog had what when!

If the treatment on the Goldens that are due to be re-applied in June is starting to wear off, the other Goldens protection is still going strong, thereby still keeping these pests out of my home and off of my dogs.

This is the best way to kill fleas and keep them off of your dog and out of your home!

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