by Michael Browning
(Ann Arbor, MI)

Brinkley's Winter Wonderland

Brinkley's Winter Wonderland

Brinkley was an amazing family dog and a beautiful one to boot. He had the sweetest disposition and was the most patient dog that I've ever been around.

He was my constant companion for 12 1/2 years and I miss him very much.

Whenever I had a stressful day, he always seemed to understand. An hour later, after going for a walk or just playing with him, I always felt better. He seemed to just understand me and what I needed. He was an absolute rock for me.

As he grew older and lost his eyesight around 11, I became his caregiver and he entrusted me with helping him. I was determined not to let his visual impairment slow him down. He still enjoyed many sunny days on the boat, swimming at the sandbar, and making new friends.

In my opinion, he was a once in a lifetime dog that I'll never forget. So long old friend, I will never forget your enthusiasm for life, your unconditional love for me, your dedication and loyalty to our family, and your sunny optimism as you headed deep into your retirement years.

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