by lisa

Buddy Guy Weaver

That was the name our family gave him. We got him when Buddy was 7 wks old, Buddy only peed in the house once while we we're potty training him.

Buddy was an amazing puppy and adult Golden. Buddy loved to play in the snow omg he loved it so much. Loved to jump in the air and catch snow flakes before they hit the ground.

As Buddy grew so did our bond and love for him.
Our family consist of me, my husband, and our two sons.
Buddy bonded with each of us differently, one son would wrestle with him and they would nibble on each other lol. They we're like two puppies in Buddies eyes.
Buddy loved swimming in the lake, and the pool in our back yard.

We taught Buddy many tricks, sit, dance, soccer, roll over, and roll on his back stick his feet in the air.

Our older son, Buddy would sit in his lap and watch tv naw on his bone and sleep.

My Husband would dance with him take him for walks.

I taught him that he had his own job in the backyard.
Buddy's job was to keep the birds out of the backyard. He would chase them and bark at them to keep them away.

Buddy and I did housework together, played tug a war. Buddy loved to be drug around on the floor, we would put him on a sheet or a blanket and drag him down the hall around in the living room threw the kitchen.

Buddy played Frisbee, soccer, baseball, and chase.

When we would take him for walks he obeyed till he would see a rabbit and off he would go.
If we didnt have our feet planted we would find our selves being drug behind him. lol

Buddy had three barks, one to tell us there was someone outside, rabbits, and dogs.

Buddy's love was unconditional, he was the sweetest most humble being. Buddy was more than a dog. He had the sweetest funniest personality. We would love to talk about his eye liner God gave him and how his eyebrows would move when you talked to him.

Buddy was taken from us way to soon. We have been mourning for Buddy for three days now. We received his ashes today and now we feel a little peace for he is back with us.

Buddy was 5 years old and 6mths when he passed away.

Buddy passed away 5-17-13. Buddy had lymphoma cancer.


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Nov 17, 2014
tribute to dumphy love of my life
by: Anonymous

aaaaaah just lost the love of my life dumphy my cute white retriever I am lost with out him he was my best friend and so affectionate he had his own personality he job was to b loved and it did it well I could not help but spoil him he oozed charisma I loved him even though he was a born flirt everyone loved him I miss him so much
people suggested I get a new dog but dumpy is in replacable I have a whole in my heart that he filled I cryed since his passing a few days
ago how am I going to get over his loss have to go as tears are flowing down my face thinking of him and the gap he has left in my heart and soul

Aug 08, 2013
by: DJ Marki Jr

I Am & LOVE Goldens as my Kids & Have a 3 1/2 Now, as Storms Best Freind & Mine was CODY.
We Lost Cody 1 1/2 years ago as Cody Storm & I were walking in wood like Most days & Cody went down. I Carried & Dragged him out of woods as I Thought a lung collasped or what & Needed to get to my Vet.
After getting there Cody jumped out of blazer & Looked himself before going into Vet. Inside the Vet Took me to back room & Showed me X-Rays that CODY was Filled with Cancer.
My Son CODY was 12 1/2 years Young & NEVER
Told me He was Hurting but He was Filled from End to End, & I Pray Everyday I Did the Right Thing at Vets!
Storm & I Left there with Cody & Took him Home...
SORRY for Your Loss SO YOUNG

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