Building a Dog House

Things to Consider

This article is not specific instructions for building a dog house.  Rather, it is an important reminder of functional designs, that many people may not consider ahead of time.

Most people concern themselves with whether or not the doghouse looks pretty, instead of whether or not it is practical for Fido to use.

When building your own kennel, the door opening, is way more important than people understand. 

When the door goes all the way to the ground, this allows straw and bedding to be dragged out of the dog house, unintentionally. 

You should cut the opening, so that your dog has to actually step up and over the entrance way.  This will keep the bedding inside, and will keep it drier.

4 to 6 inches is a good height to have to step over.

This does make it a bit inconvenient for you when cleaning it out, but it is much better for your dog's health and safety.

Only make the door opening big enough for your Golden Retriever to comfortably get in and out of it.  When you cut a large opening, all you are doing, is allowing more air into the doghouse, and this is not what you want. 

In the summer, the smaller opening actually allows the doghouse to be cooler, not warmer, as most people believe.

In the winter, a smaller opening, makes the house much warmer.

Building an overhang for shade is always a good idea.

As for the size, dogs need to be able to fully stretch out, and there should be enough room for him to turn around in it.

Though it is said that it should be high enough for dogs to be able to stand up in it, I don't find this to be absolutely necessary.

It does need to as high as their backs, but not necessarily higher than their heads, since most of the time, they will simply be laying down in it.

If your Golden Retriever is not done growing, make sure when building a dog house, that you take into account, the size he will be when fully grown.

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