Buster, My Furry Soul Mate

by Michelle
(St Charles MO)

Buster and I connected the instant I held him for the first time, when I was 7 months pregnant. Even though he drove me insane as a puppy, taking advantage of me when I was very pregnant, he always knew when enough was enough.

I work from home, so Buster was with me 24x7, with the grocery store and church being the exceptions. He went everywhere with me, rarely left my side—he would not even go for a walk with my husband or daughter unless I tagged along!

While lying in bed with me on a hot Sunday afternoon last summer, Buster got up when he heard the garage door open, since he was my personal “guard dog”—without warning and no reaction from him, he simply had a huge bloody explosion from his abdominal cavity. I instantly knew, and was hysterical. We immediately took him to the emergency animal hospital where I stared numbly at the X-ray in front of me that confirmed what I always knew would take him from me—his entire abdomen and chest were completely consumed with cancer, likely in his brain, as well.

I had to have one more night with him, so we brought him home where we had a pizza and chocolate cupcake party, and I stayed on the floor with him as I cried my eyes out all night long.

By the next morning, he was weak—I had to pick him up to get him in and out of my SUV. As I sat on the vet’s floor with him after the first shot to relax him,, Buster still had enough energy and clarity to lift his head to steal my last Kleenex before he faded away. By this time, my crying had been intense and non-stop for 18 hours to the point where I could not even speak coherently, yet this gem managed to get me to laugh before leaving me.

It has been 15 months to the day, and I still tear up every time I think about him. He crossed the rainbow bridge 2 weeks before his 12th birthday.

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