Can Fleas Live on People?

"Can fleas live on people?”, is a question that is often asked.  Though fleas can live on dogs, they do not live on people.

However, they do not care where they get their blood meals from, so they will munch on people.

They consider you to be a free snack.

On a Golden Retriever, a flea can easily live and hide in various places in their fur, even while the dog is trying to scratch them off.

On a person's skin, they do not have this place to hide.

Fleas are not like lice and their eggs are not sticky.  Any eggs easily fall off which is why flea eggs are found in carpet rather than on your dog's coat.

©Photo Courtesy of Debbi Conlon

If they do get in your hair, they jump away and can not just jump back on, like they can with a dog.

Usually any marks will be found on your ankles and lower legs, although they can bite you anywhere, especially if they are on the furniture.

When a flea bites a person, they feast once or even a few times, then jump back off again.

Depending upon your skin type, their bite can cause slight itching to very intense itching.

Their bite resembles mosquito bites, producing small, red, swollen bumps.  Usually you can see bite marks that are spaced about ½ inch apart.

There are various ways for how to treat flea bites, for both people and their dogs.

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