Celebrating Christmas With Our Dogs

Include Your Golden Retriever In On The Fun!

When it comes to Christmas, dogs are a very important part of our family, and the fun!

We do need to keep in mind, that during this frenzied time, that our dogs can get stressed out also!

Make sure to give your dogs time and a place to be able to go and lay down and be by themselves to recuperate!

Golden Retriever puppy sleeping by Christmas tree

Many of our traditional, Christmas recipes are not safe for dogs to eat, so you need to be careful to not share dangerous foods that contain certain ingredients.

As for sweets, make sure that you keep a supply of their own special treats, so you won't feel tempted to give them some of yours.

When decorating your house, keep in mind that you can easily include your Golden Retriever by hanging his own special ornament on your Christmas tree, and/or have a stocking that is made specifically for him!

There are also many various pre-filled dog stockings, if you do not hang decorative ones.

We all love to dress up and look our best when it comes to Christmas fashion, and there is no reason for our dogs to be left out!

There is a dazzling array of festive collars that they can wear, and for the fun-loving families, there are some adorable costumes that would make for gorgeous family photos to treasure for many years to come!

If you dress your Golden Retriever up in fancy or humorous costumes, we would love to see your pictures and hear your story, so please feel free to share them with us!

Golden Retriever puppy with Christmas ornaments

No holiday would be complete without including our Goldens in on the gift giving, especially considering how much day to day joy they bring into our lives!

Seasonal holiday toys are fun and unique and dogs truly seem to appreciate them! Or maybe, it's us that loves to see all of the holiday toys in their splendid colors, that we can't find at any other time of the year!

When sending out Christmas cards to family and friends, we have several styles that feature our favorite, lovable breed!

As for gift giving, we also have a great selection of Golden Retriever calendars that showcase that perfect smile, all year long!

Here's hoping for a Merry Christmas to you and your dogs!

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