Cleaning Dogs Ears

Cleaning dogs ears should be part of the general care of your Golden Retriever.

Golden Retrievers have long ears, so air doesn’t circulate down inside of them very well.  Any dampness or water in his ears can become a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Serious problems, such as a dog ear infection, can very quickly get out of hand. Because of this, dog ear care should be part of your weekly routine. 

©Photo Courtesy of Ann-Charlotte Bengtsson

Healthy ears should be white to slightly pink color inside. 

Some wax and dirt is normal, but a lot can indicate a problem.  They should also be odor free.

Routinely cleaning normal dirt and wax build up, keeps dogs healthier, and give you advanced notice if any problems seem to be developing.  

When cleaning your dogs ears, lift his ear up and put some canine drops into his ear canal.  Then close his ear, and gently rub it to allow the cleanser to soak in for a minute.

©Photo Courtesy of Paul Melvin

Golden Retriever shaking dry

Then stand back!  He is going to shake it everywhere!

Take a cotton ball and wipe any dirt or wax that you see.

You can use a q-tip for cleaning the folds of his ears, but do not actually insert it into his ear canal.  This is just for the folds.

Allow your Golden Retriever to again shake out any excess cleanser.

Apply ear powder to dry up all remaining moisture.  If you can, leave them turned backed for awhile. 

Make Cleaning Dog's Ears Part of your Weekly Routine

Generally, dogs do not appreciate this part of their grooming routine, but due to a Golden Retriever's gentle and lovable nature, they will tolerate the cleaning!

©Photo Courtesy of Gavin M. Roy

face shot of Golden Retriever

Dogs do quickly learn to recognize the cleanser bottle, so I always have it hidden until right before I’m ready to use it!

If there seems to be a problem developing in your dogs, this cleaning can be done a couple of times a day for a week or so, as sometimes this can prevent an infection.

Cleaning dogs ears regularly is the best way to prevent any type of problems from starting.

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