Coors the King of Goldens

by C. Sutton
(Germantown, TN)

Coors was a 12 year old Golden Retriever but he was much more. A very loyal, smart, friend, and sweet family member.

He was the only dog we have ever owned that could open doors, give you the towel to wipe his muddy paws when he came in from outside, take a leash and walk himself if you tried to stop to talk, sit down with a stranger as he knew he would get petted as he was very beautiful.

He would tell you when he needed food/drink, warn you if you left his companion "Diamond" outside too long, he was very smart.

Not a typical dog but a wonderful companion.

He died quickly after being diagnosed with cancer. Anyone that met him loved him. He even has his own facebook page.

Very dear friend that will be missed by everyone he met, especially his family.

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Dec 16, 2016
My Gelios is very like your precious golden
by: Lana

Very sorry for your loss. Golden are very very special, so much love they have for us.

May 23, 2013
by: Anonymous

Wow he sounds amazing a lot like ours.
So sorry Coors had to leave this world.
Its so hard and I will keep you in our prayers.
Buddy passed away from cancer also, he was 5 and 1/2.


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