What is the Purpose of Crate Training?

When it comes to crate training puppies, there are basically two separate purposes to it.

Most people think of it as an aid in housebreaking, which it is indeed very helpful for.

However, it also keeps your puppy safe when you are not at home, or not able to closely watch him.  Puppies can very quickly get into a lot of messes!

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When puppies are first adjusting to being in an enclosure, they will whine, and sometimes, even scream their heads off!  This is a normal reaction, and will quickly end, if it is handled correctly.

There are not a lot of set rules in this training, but there are certain guidelines that need to be followed, that will make or break your success.

There are strong reasons to use a crate for housebreaking. Not only is it efficient, it helps the whole process to go faster.  Just be careful that you avoid some of the common mistakes that many people make.

Though you may have heard that puppies should be on a schedule, this is not a rigid timed event.  Instead, it is a more casual, flexible schedule that works well for everyone.

Teaching your Golden Retriever puppy to enjoy his cage is beneficial in other ways.

It will help you have more control over what your puppy chews on, as he won’t be freely roaming all over your house.

If your Golden gets injured, frightened, or sick, he and you both will be thankful that he has learned to accept and enjoy it.

As humans, we often look at a cage as a form of punishment, confining and lonely.  Dogs do not see it this way!

To them, it is like a den.....comforting and secure.

Even after your Golden has grown up and matured, he will still enjoy the comforts of his den.

There have been times that I have given a new, young puppy the crate to use, and my older Goldens will be jealous and go into it for a nap, as soon as the door is left open.

They may not have been in it for months, but do not want the pup to access their den!

It is also a good idea to crate train an older dog, if you adopt your Golden Retriever, already grown.  Even though your dog may be an adult, he is still new to your home, and training him to enjoy his cage will ease anxiety for both of you.

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