Di Searl/Our gorgeous Jessie

by Di Searl
(Braintree, Essex, United Kingdom)

Our beautiful Jessie

Our beautiful Jessie

Remembering Jessie
by Di Searl on Tuesday, November 30, 2010 at 1:42pm
Remembering Jessie

There are not enough words to describe you our Jessie
Muddy paws & your hair made our house nicely messy
Teddies galore, bones & balls on the floor
And your black wet nose making marks on the door

You were mischievous & cheeky, naughty but nice
You ate 20 notes not just once but twice
Tools from the toolbox were found in your bed
& a bone in my handbag for a tissue instead

Our walks in the morning, a priceless start to the day
You knew where every cat lived along the way
In & out of the hedge chasing birds or a rabbit
& a big muddy puddle was your favourite habit

You'd sit outside looking up at the sky
And you'd bark & bark but we never knew why
'Did you do this' we would playfully ask
As we filled in yet another hole in the grass

You'd roll in the garden, your legs in the air
Wriggling & happy & never a care
With leaves on your tail & mud on your head
You'd walk through the door & jump onto your bed

As we'd kneel on the floor doing a chore
You'd come up close & give us your paw
Your nose would nudge against our cheek
'I'm here, do the chores another week'

A faithful girl content and homely
Our lives never dull, unhappy or lonely
You loved us to whisper in your ear
Hot air balloons were your only fear

My slipper is missing now where could it be
That bark tells me someone is playing with me
With it tight in your mouth & your eyes full of glee
'Look I've got it mummie come take it from me'

5.30am on the front door mat
With your bone or your teddy is where you sat
To kiss kev's ears while he put on his shoes
He'd give you his biscuit & then back to snooze

You were always there when we walked through the door
Waggy tail & bottom, side steps across the floor
You would hold our wrist & take us to your bed
For a well deserved cuddle & kiss on your head

You'd lay flat on your back pretending to sleep
A big bundle of goldie all in a heap
What's happened to Jessie you would hear us say
Then your tail would wag & give the game away

23rd November you were 10 years old
An adorable angel with a heart of gold
We had places to visit & things still to do
Many years there should still be to spend with you

But you were taken from us far too young
You were enjoying your life & having such fun
Your tail was still wagging & your eyes were still bright
Our home without you Jessie just isn't right

We know you are watching from heaven above
& sending us all unconditional love
We feel empty & numb, can't believe that you've gone
Sometimes life isn't fair & this is just wrong

Now with Lucy, Misty Sophie & Molly
We will see you live on through Abbie & Holly
Be happy there Jessie & frolic & play
Cos we will be with you again one day

We miss you so much & will never forget
Your wonderful antics, our best friend, our pet
Sweet dreams now our Jessie and sleep peacefully
That special place in our hearts you will always be

We feel empty & numb & we're missing your bark
See your face all the time in the light and the dark
Our tears for you fall endlessly
Our brown eyed girl our sweetheart Jessie

We miss you so much gorgeous girlie & will love you forever & for always
Sleep tight beautiful xxxx xxx....

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Apr 27, 2015
by: Anonymous

I'm a man that haven't cried maybe since 12 years old. That just made me tear up, I can't imagine my house with out my bella, just the thought of loosing her makes me realize how grateful I am that I get to spend so much time with her.

Mar 09, 2012
Thank You
by: Di

Thank you Patti.....so sorry to hear about your sad loss....it's totally heartbreaking & I am thinking of you.
I agree that there is nothing like a goldie.
We miss Jessie so very much & still frequently shed a tear over her. She was such a special girl & we had an unbelievably close bond.
We are now the proud owners of Gracie, a 14 week old goldie (Jessie's great grandaughter) who is adorable & has many of her great grandma's ways. There will never be another Jessie but Gracie has now made our house home again. xx

Feb 21, 2012
Missing Jessie
by: Patti

What a beautiful poem....we just lost our Jessie this past September (2011) and it's funny how many things she did, which are so similar in your poem. Until you have owned a golden, you have no idea of how much they steal your heart. Thank you for sharing your poem....it brought back so many wonderful memories for me!

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