Dog Agility Toys

Watching canine competitions with obstacle courses is fascinating! These dog agility toys are designed for backyard practice or for those just getting started in this amazing sport!

You'll have a great time bonding with your Golden Retriever, while providing amazing exercise for both of you!

If you happen to own a Golden Retriever that needs lots of mental stimulation to keep him happy and well balanced, this is the ticket!

Dog Agility Toys

A Great Selection to Browse!

Several of these items are not actually toys, but instead are built to AKC standards, and made with durable materials. 

Also included is a good book on helping to teach dogs, and you, how to do various tricks, from simple to complex, along with other training, and agility maneuvers.

With these open tunnels, closed tunnels, pause box, weave poles, and bar and ring jumps, you can build your own mini canine amusement park!

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