Dog Cookie Recipe

If your are searching for that one favorite dog cookie recipe, that your dogs will flip over, you've come to the right place!

Although making homemade treats is simple, finding the pawfect one for your dog's taste buds, can sometimes be a bit uncertain.

You'll be happy to know that all of these treats have been personally approved by my pack of Golden Retrievers!

If you have never baked a canine cookie or treat before, we have 4 great super easy recipes to choose from, two of which, are meat flavored.

As most people realize by now, chocolate is very dangerous for dogs to consume.

However, carob is a safe alternative.  Carob has a comparable  texture and taste to chocolate, and we have 2 different recipes in this category.

The first recipe is a softer treat and is mixed with pumpkin. 

The second choice resembles a traditional, human chocolate (carob) chip cookie.  My Goldens like both of these equally well.

Another favorite taste for dogs is of course, peanut butter!
I'm not sure I've ever seen a dog that doesn't like the taste of it.

In recognition of their enjoyment for this taste, there are 2 different variations of this recipe.

One is a medium textured, dog cookie recipe, that my dogs beg for.

The other cookie, produces a nice hard, crunchy bone, that is not only delicious, but is excellent for dog's teeth.

In keeping with those lines, there is also a firm bone cookie recipe, whose primary ingredient is pumpkin.  Some dogs flip over the taste of pumpkin, and actually pumpkin is good for dogs.

Have you ever given your Golden Retriever ice cubes?  If you have, then you realize just how much they love to chomp on those!

We have 4 different variations of frozen treats, that will indulge your dog's ice crushing desires, with spectacular results!

On the total opposite end of the spectrum, for older dogs that may have lost some teeth, or have dental problems, there are a couple of good, soft cookie ideas, that are really good.

These particular snacks are welcomed by any age, but soft snacks should be limited due to dental reasons.

And last, but certainly not least, we have various bacon biscuits!

One recipe combines cheese with the bacon, and the other is a hard crispy goodie.

The hardest part to baking any of these treats, will be deciding which recipe, your Golden Retriever, likes the most!

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