Our Personal Experience with Dog Euthanasia

Unfortunately, sometimes when it comes to your dog, euthanasia may be an issue that you need to make a decision about.

Your dog may have an illness or a disease that cannot be cured or fixed and your vet may ask whether or not you want to euthanize.

The death of a pet is never easy and emotions can swing back and forth on what should be done and what is best for your Golden Retriever.

Though no one can make this decision for you, I know that when I had to consider this option, many thoughts ran through my mind.

Though I had always heard that it was painless, I didn’t know anything firsthand about it, other than the “clinical” procedure that was described, and that really didn’t put my mind at ease.

I did not want my beloved Golden to suffer and his comfort was my number one concern.

Though I knew that putting him to sleep would end his current suffering, I worried myself sick over wondering if the procedure truly was painless.

I was able to stay with my Golden throughout the whole process and was relieved to see and experience that he died happily and peacefully.

The actual procedure for canine euthanasia is pretty simple.  The vet gives a shot to your dog to calm him down and make him relaxed.  After about 10 minutes, the vet then hooks up an IV to the dog’s leg and injects a lethal amount of anesthesia.  This causes your dog to go immediately into a deep sleep and his heart stops beating a few minutes later.

From our personal experience, here is what the procedure was like to us.

We took our Golden into a room and were allowed to stay with him the whole time. 

The vet brought in a blanket for him to lay on, and we sat in the floor with him, petting him as he was in our laps.

When he was given the first shot, the vet then left us alone with him.  He was happy, calm, and enjoying getting his belly rubbed.  We made sure that we didn’t sound upset while we talked to him, as we didn’t want him to get upset by wondering why our voices sounded different.

The vet then came back in about 10 minutes later, and while he was still in our laps being petted, she inserted the IV.  He didn’t even flinch.

She injected the anesthesia and he immediately closed his eyes as if he was in a deep sleep.  She kept checking his heart with a stethoscope and a couple of minutes later, pronounced his death.

She then left us alone again so that we could continue to hold him as we cried our eyes out.

And though the heartbreak we felt for losing our greatly loved “Boomer” was immense, it was a comfort to see for ourselves that he truly did not suffer in the end.

Only you can make the decision about your own dog and whether euthanasia would be in his best interest or not.

But if you do decide that putting your dog to sleep is the best decision for him, I hope that knowing our personal experience with it, helps to ease some of your questions and pain.

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