Dog Grooming Instructions Covers Many Aspects!

When grooming dogs, there is a lot more to it than just bathing and brushing your dog.

In the case of puppies, you'll want to know how early and how often you can actually give your pup a bath.

The rest of these dog grooming instructions include how to keep your Golden Retriever healthy and beautiful, rather than only focusing on bathing him and brushing his coat.

There isn’t really a set time frame for how often you should bathe your Golden, but more isn’t necessarily better.  If you frequently bathe him, you can actually damage his skin by drying it out.

Since Goldens do love to run through the mud, there will be times that you absolutely have to give him a bath or decide to live with your newly “decorated” house!

But most of the time, weekly brushing of his coat will actually keep him cleaner than bathing him will, and this also reduces the amount of fur in your house.

Take the time to clean his ears on a regular basis.  Weekly cleaning is best and can actually help prevent ear problems.

This only takes a few minutes to do and will alert you to any potential problems, such as an ear infection, that may be starting.

Trimming his nails can usually be done on a monthly basis.  If his toenails are already too long, then you may want to barely trim them once a week until they get cut back to the correct length.  After that, once a month should be fine.

Grooming a dog also includes brushing his teeth. To keep him at his healthiest, this is something that should be done on a daily basis.

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