Dog Mating and the Dreaded

Slip Mating

When using your dog for mating, there is much debate over the mechanics of a slip mating.

Many people worry whether or not a slip mating will result in puppies, as opposed to a dog breeding tie.

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Just what is a slip mating anyway?

When breeding a dog, most people understand what a breeding tie is.

The debate starts when there is not a tie with your dog during mating.

There are 3 stages of a dog’s ejaculate.  The first stage is a clear fluid that has practically no sperm in it.

The 2nd stage of fluid has the most sperm in it and it is released during vigorous thrusting.

The 3rd stage is mostly a clear, prostatic fluid that does contain some sperm. 

Note, however, that in breeding dogs, the tie is obtained directly after vigorous thrusting! 

Meaning, that the richest content of his sperm is released during the 2nd stage, which is during his thrusting, and immediately before he maintains a tie.

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By the time that a male dog actually ties to the female, he will have already ejaculated sperm filled fluid into her.

People prefer a breeding tie as a tie decreases the amount of fluid that is able to leak back out of the female, and thereby gives a higher chance of the female getting pregnant.

However, not obtaining a tie, does not mean that there will not be puppies from the dogs breeding.

The most common reason for a tie not being obtained is due to the male’s bulbus glandis swelling outside of the female, rather than inside, which can sometimes happen when the female does not stand still long enough.

When dog breeding, problems arise when an owner of the female decides that a slip mating will not result in puppies and rather than waiting to see, the female is taken to another stud dog.

©Photo Courtesy of Ron Washburn

This is absolutely against all AKC rules and regulations, not to mention, very unethical!

Female dogs can give birth to puppies from different fathers, within the same litter!

Never re-breed your female!  If for some reason, she does not produce a litter, then try again on her next breeding cycle.

Many puppies have been born from slip matings.  Chances are very high in your favor that puppies will be produced from your dog’s mating, even though there was not an official tie

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