Golden Retriever Dog Memorial

In reading it, I hope it brings you comfort and sweet memories.



One of my precious Goldens

Golden Retriever Smiling

Boomer was our family's introduction into owning a large breed dog. Prior to Boomer, we had always owned very small breed dogs, such as Chihuahua's and mini Dachshunds.

When I went and got Boomer, he was already a little over a year old. What a shock it was to have this dog come into my kitchen and actually lay his chin on my kitchen table!

But from that very first night, he stole our hearts. He was the smartest, gentlest, funniest, and most loving dog I have ever known. Everybody adored Boomer.

Golden Retriever Pet Memorial, Golden Retriever playing in field.

He never gave us a moment's worry and we knew that anyone was safe around him, including newborn babies and would be thieves! As long as he got petted, he allowed anyone into our house!

It was a privilege to own and love such an obedient, gentle giant. And though we miss him dearly, we are honored to have had him, even if only for such a short time.

He will be greatly missed.



Golden Retriever Pet Memorial, Golden in snow

I recently had to send my dear, sweet Shaddie over the Rainbow Bridge after 15 years of daily joy and happiness with him.

I love to tell the story of how I came to get "God's little gift" to me, but let's just say that God rewarded me for putting up with a terrible jerk of a boss for 1 year by bringing Shaddie into my life.

Whether it was sprinting to the driveway to fetch my morning paper or gleefully running upstairs to bring me my slippers, My Shaddie was truly a once in a lifetime companion.

I have had other great dogs through the years but this guy-well he was incredible! I miss him so very much every day. Maybe someday I will have as fine a friend again. I do intend to try.

In the meantime, I will remember that Shaddie did teach me that there really is no other breed quite like our precious Goldens.

Owned and Loved by Lou Laverty



Golden Retriever dog memorial; picture of Jolly Golden Retriever dog memorial; picture of Jolly
Golden Retriever dog memorial; picture of Jolly Golden Retriever dog memorial; picture of Jolly

He was not only my Best Friend, He was everyone's Best Friend, Jolly Man.....

Owned and Loved by Brandon Harris



Golden Retriever dog memorial; picture of Mick Golden Retriever dog memorial; picture of Mick
Golden Retriever dog memorial; picture of Mick Golden Retriever dog memorial; picture of Mick

Mick was one of the most easy going, laid back Goldens you could have ever met. We called him our big roll of carpet. He weighed 90 lbs and was solid as a rock in his younger days. He loved two things most in his life, his stuffed toys (he had too many to count) and kids , most of all our grand kids.

As he got older he developed hip problems and had a hard time getting around and was content to just lay around and watched our younger 2 goldens play. He was 13 1/2 years old when his body finally gave up. 1/26/09 was one of the saddest days in our families life.

Owned and Loved By Doug and Barb Tylee



Lily Lily
Lily Lily McGillicutty Goosey Lou Corridan

" Lily "

1996 - 1 March 2010

On Angels' Wings

Owned and Loved by Scott Corridan


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