Dog Plush Toys

Golden Retrievers go nuts over dog plush toys.  Some like to carry them around and enjoy the softness, or just to lay with it up against them.

Others love to play with these and act like they are viciously attacking it.

Then there are those dogs, that want to find out where those squeakers are located, and rip them out of there! 

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Plush Dog Toys
Gallery Selection One

 I have a Golden Retriever that will take them apart just to get at the squeaker, but as soon as it is removed, then she won't tear up the rest of the toy.  Apparently it is just the squeaker she is set on destroying!

Plush Dog Toys
Gallery Selection Two

This plush assortment has just about anything imaginable, including frogs, squirrels, snakes, teddy bears, and Mr. Bill, for those old enough to remember him!

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