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My friend, Carol Leather, draws wonderful dog portraits in both graphite and colored pencils. When I saw some of her artwork I was blown away and immediately asked her if she would allow me to share it with you. She was happy to agree so read on to find out more.

Your dog holds a special place in your heart, whether he is still with you, or waiting over the Rainbow Bridge for when you can be together again.

Keep that love alive in a one of a kind dog portrait, to hang on your wall and treasure for years to come. We all love looking at pictures of our favorite breed, but those images are just that bit more special when they depict your own canine companions, complete with their distinguishing features and characters.

If you are still enjoying life with your dog, do make sure you capture your special moments together on film (or card, as it is now), whether that is a photo of them relaxing at home, or a fantastic action shot showing them at their most energetic.

However careful you are, in the excitement of the moment it can be easy to forget to look at the background, and end up with distracting elements in your photos, that you would rather weren't there.

A good dog portrait artist will be able to eliminate those distractions and put the focus totally on your pet.

Talking of focus, the photo that you provide needs to be sharp, with enough detail to enable the artist to capture a likeness. A close up lit by natural light is ideal, without those glowing green eyes or harsh shadows that flash photography can create.

A great snapshot deserves more than a place in your album, where no-one can see it!

Carol Leather has been drawing since her schooldays, but in the last few years discovered that others admired her work and were willing to commission her to create unique pieces for them. She honed her skills by taking an online apprenticeship with the Master artist, Sandra Angelo, at and was recently proclaimed the first GOLD STAR Graduate from Sandra's Drawing College. During her course she drew many, many dogs of all breeds, including the Golden Retriever portraits of Grantham and Buddy, pictured below.

She has now completed commissioned portraits of dogs and cats, along with their "humans", such as this touching portrayal of Bentley, the Staffie, and his one year old friend Victoria.

If the ideal of a special dog portrait appeals to you, Carol can be contacted via her new website where she would be happy to take a look at your photos and discuss your individual requirements.

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