Dog Treat Toys

Dogs need mental stimulation, and this is where dispensing dog treat toys come in handy, especially when you do not have time to exercise him.

They are designed to help stop destructive chewing, as the challenge mentally stimulates their minds, and keeps them from getting bored.

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Kong Quest Wishbone
Quest Wishbone

Kong Genius Mike Toy
Genius Mike

Genius Leo Toy
Genius Leo

Buster Food Cube
Food Cube

Kong Wobbler Dog Toy

Kong Stuff a Ball
Stuff a Ball

It is often stated that these types of mental exercises can help with separation anxiety, though I can not personally attest to that, as that is a problem I have never encountered with my dogs.

Dog Treat Toys

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Some of these treat dispensing toys, such as Linkables and the Kong Genius series, are made to interlink with each other.

By combining several of them, your Golden Retriever faces an even greater challenge, before receiving his reward.

If your pet tends to be a bit overweight, simply use some of his dinner as his treats, rather than giving him extra treats, when he plays with these dispensing devices.

Don't forget that most of these gadgets can also be played with as is, and do not have to have a tidbit inside of them.

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