Dog Tug Toys

If you own more than one dog, then you know how much they love and appreciate dog tug toys!

This selection has a good variety that are easy for tug of war games.

Personally, I do not play any type of games like these, with my Golden Retrievers, but I do allow them to play it with each other.

Dog Tug Toys

A Great Selection to Browse!

Puppies are always biting and tugging on your clothing, which is a behavior you are trying to stop.  If you then turn around and encouraging this type of play, even with toys, it is still confusing to her.

Depending upon a dog's basic personality, if she is already a bit aggressive, playing these types of games with people, can cause the aggression to amplify as she matures.

However, if they are played with other dogs, then it is more than appropriate.

Many times, I will have 3, and sometimes 4 of my Golden Retrievers, all tugging on the same rope toy, and having a great time while doing it!

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