Dog Parasites

Many times, dog parasites can go unnoticed.  Unfortunately, whether or not you actually see any symptoms, does not mean they are not there.

Proper treatment of these various dog parasites are very important health issues for your Golden Retriever.

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The most common internal canine parasites are various types of intestinal worms which include roundworms, whipworms, and hookworms.

It is this group of worms that is often referred to as puppy worms, as they can cause a great deal of problems for puppies, as it takes several treatments to get them under control.

Roundworms and hookworms are passed to the pup through nursing.

Even if your female Golden Retriever has been wormed and passed a fecal check at the time of breeding, her pups will still get them, if she herself, had worms when she was a puppy!

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Usually, when people hear the term dog worms, they think “puppy worms”, as if this is something that only affects puppies and will be outgrown. 

This is not true. 

Worms in an adult dog can be an ongoing problem and these parasites are more serious than many people realize. 

Puppies are quicker to show symptoms and do appear to have more problems with worms than older Goldens do, but adult dogs can pick these up throughout all of their lives.

To avoid this, adult Golden Retrievers should be wormed a few times a year, or put on a monthly preventative program.

Fleas, ticks, and mosquito’s are external parasites that need to be addressed, as these can cause various health issues, such as tapeworm and heartworms.

Heartworms are extremely dangerous, but easily prevented.

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Killing fleas should be a top priority, as not only do fleas cause tapeworms, but many dogs are allergic to their bite, and fleas also like to bite humans.

Ridding your dog and home of fleas is quickly achieved with all of the safe and effective flea killing products that are on the market.

Fortunately, most canine parasites can be easily eliminated or controlled by maintaining a regular schedule of check ups with your vet and proper medications.

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