Cleaning Dogs Teeth

Maintaining a healthy Golden Retriever includes learning how to take good care of dog's teeth. 

Many people do not realize the importance of dog dental care and how it affects them throughout their lives.

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Just as it is for humans, poor canine dental care can cause problems such as dog bad breath, gum inflammation, tooth loss, and more serious health issues. 

Dogs can get periodontal disease, and the resulting bacteria and infection gets carried through their bloodstream which can lead to heart and kidney problems.

Cleaning dog's teeth is not hard to do, and can be done quickly once you get the hang of it.

It is easiest to teach your young Golden to accept this, especially during his puppy teething stage.

Although, if you have adopted older dogs, they will also allow you to do this, as long as you take it in steps.

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beautiful Golden Retriever smiling

There are many products available that will make your job easy and effective. 

Regular “people” toothbrushes may be used, or there are also many toothbrushes made just for dogs.  Gauze pads, cleansing pads, or finger brushes are also options.

Dogs do not spit and therefore will be swallowing any toothpaste they are given, so make sure that you only use a toothpaste that is made for dogs.

Feed your dogs dry dog food as their main diet, as dry food is best for their dental health.

Always have many chew toys available to dogs, such as rope toys, (self-flossers!) cow hooves, rawhide, and toys with various shapes and ridges on them.

Hard dog biscuits, greenies, and nutra-dent chews are also very beneficial for dogs, in helping to remove plaque from their teeth.

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Golden Retriever puppy chewing a rope toy

To accustom your dogs to getting their teeth brushed, start slowly and build up in small steps. 

To brush dog's teeth, you do not need to hold his mouth open, nor do you have to worry about the insides of his teeth. 

Dogs do a good job of using their tongue and own saliva in keeping the inside of their teeth clean and plague free.  This makes your job even easier!

Start with allowing your dogs to lick a tasty treat off of your finger.  While he is doing this, gently touch his front teeth by moving your finger around his mouth as he is licking his treat from your finger.

Then progress to putting the canine toothpaste on your finger and allowing your dogs to taste it.  To reach his teeth, simply pull up on the top and sides of his lip to expose his teeth.  Proceed to touch his teeth, but this time, reaching more of his back teeth, not just the front ones.

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Golden Retriever getting his teeth brushed

After he has accepted this, you can then proceed to using a piece of gauze that has his toothpaste on it. 

While holding his lip out of the way, take the piece of gauze and rub the tooth in a circular motion all around the tooth and especially the gum line. 

Once you are comfortable with this, you can either stay with the gauze, or switch to a toothbrush or finger brush, which ever is most comfortable for you.

After you are done cleaning your dog's teeth, give him a doggie treat, such as a hard dog biscuit to help finish off the brushing process.

Once you get into a routine, you will find that maintaining your dogs dental care is quick, and something that your Golden Retriever actually looks forward to!

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