Easy Whelping Box Plans

by Carol
(Covina, CA)

I have boxers, but this should work for goldens too.

I went to Home Depot


2 12" x 8' Rubbermaid shelves
2 3" x 8' wood, not pressed board
1 piece of white board
6 corner brackets
2 hinges
Wood screws
I purchased two 12" x 8' rubbermaid shelves. They are pressed board covered with melamine (I think). I had the clerk cut them: 1 of the boards in half making 2 pieces 4' x 4'. I had the other cut in half and one of the halves cut in half again making 1 4' x 4' and two 2' x 2'.

I had the 3" x 8' pieces cut the same way

I picked up a piece of white board also melamine coated and had it cut 4' x 4''

Thus, all the cutting was done at the store.


I attached the 3" pieces (pig rail) to the sides (cut shelving) I had to stagger the placement since I could not cut the pieces just a bit shorter to fit. I just had one piece rest on top of the other two.

I attached the sides together using the corner brackets.
One of the shorter pieces of shelving becomes the door and is attached to the side with hinges or can just be set in place. It fits snuggly. Think of a sandbox at the playground with an inside seat for kids to sit on.

I did not attach the floor (white board piece). It's easier to clean and store.

That's it. I've used mine twice so far. It comes apart easily and stores nicely in the rafters of my garage. It is also light weight when in pieces which is easy for me to carry. I can assemble it in my whelping room (read extra bedroom).

It is super easy to clean using the pretreated wood shelves.

Hope this gives you an idea. Best of luck with all your puppies!!


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Jan 04, 2014
Pictures of you whelping box
by: Cathy

You mentioned you might be able to dig up some pictures of your homemade whelping box. It would be helpful to me...
I plan on building this myself.
Thank you.

May 01, 2013
Modification ideas for larger dogs
by: Bill

I like your ideas for the materials for the walls and the floor. I was trying to find an alternative to wood that I would not have to put finish on. Your suggestions are definitely the way to go for ease of cleaning

Since I have a Labrador, I plan to do what you did, but make it twice as high with the 12 inch high pieces stacked on top of each other and held together with flat braces screwed to the outside. Also, for the door, I plan to have a fold down door(top piece hinged to the bottom piece) instead of a swing open door.

Oct 09, 2010
Easy Whelping Box Plans
by: Diane

That would be great! I'm looking forward to it!

Oct 07, 2010
Easy Whelping Box Plans
by: Carol

Thanks, Diane

I'll dig up some pictures. I know I have some from my past litters

I liked my plan because anyone can put it together with a drill and/or a screwdriver and because all the cutting is done at the store, no saws or power tools.

Oct 06, 2010
A Great Idea!
by: Diane

This sounds good and I like the way it is easy to store! The next time you use it, we would love to see pictures!

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