Facts About Golden Retrievers

Here are some basic facts about Golden Retrievers that may help you decide whether or not this is the right breed of dog for your family, and if so, what color or sex to choose.

Golden Retrievers come in various colors and shades of gold. 

What many people may not realize, is that Golden Retrievers will usually darken a bit as they grow, and generally have their “true” coat color before they are a year old. 

If you want to have a good idea as to what shade of gold they will be as an adult, you will need to check their ears.

Males are bigger than the females, in that they are taller and weigh more, but appearance wise, they also have a bit of a distinctive head shape that is quite impressive to look at.

They all have an undercoat, but there is still some variance of their coat types, as some of them have a more curly type coat, while others are softer and carry a straighter top coat.

Facts about Golden Retrievers? Perfect Family Dog!

The Goldens' temperament is an even, friendly one.  There are basically no differences in the personalities between males and females.   I own both and find the personalities to be almost exactly the same.

Other little known facts (unless you already own one) are that they are big “talkers”.  This is just another trait of their irresistible charm!

Their life span is generally 10 to 13 years, but many factors may affect this, not only through a certain lineage, but also within the same litters. 

As you delve into this general information, I hope it helps you make a good choice on whether or not this breed is right for your family!

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