Feeding Puppies

When it comes to feeding puppies that are over 5 weeks of age, they do not need any type of milk supplement.  Not even puppy formulas.  Those are for pups that have not been weaned yet.

If you are wondering what to feed them, they need to be fed a dry puppy kibble, and not adult dog food.

Puppy food gives them all of the proper nutrients that they need to grow and thrive which they will not get in adult brands, as their needs are different.

Canned foods are not healthy for their teeth and gums and will not allow them to fully develop their mouth and facial muscles.  They need that hard crunch!

Feeding Puppies Dry Kibble is Best for Their Health

Dry food also helps with teething.

As for moist food, this can sometimes cause finicky and picky eating which you never want to allow to get started in your pup.  Just make sure that your pups always have plenty of access to water at all times.

Though I do make my own “mix” of dog food for feeding my adult dogs, I stick with just one brand of puppy food for feeding puppies and stay with that until they are a year old.

It is important that they stay on this feed for a full year.  They may look like an adult before then, but they are still pups and need the extra nutrition it offers.

I always allow puppies to eat as much as they want to at each feeding and how often I feed them depends on their age.  I prefer 3 feedings a day until they are about 10 weeks old. Then I usually drop them to 2 feedings a day.

If you will be switching the food brand that you got from the breeder, make sure that you make the switch over slowly, so you do not cause stomach upset.

I also do not give my pups very many treats, except for occasional dog biscuits, until they get quite a bit older. 

I've found that this not only greatly reduces the begging dog syndrome, but puppies do better with praise rather than treats when learning and Goldens love nothing more than to please their humans.

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