Flea Bombs, Collars, and Foggers

Are They Useful?

We all know the routine.  Put up every single item in your home and set off the flea bombs!

But just how effective are these products?  Do they work?  Are they safe?

Many years ago, we didn't have a lot of choices when it came to getting rid of fleas, but that is no longer the case.

Not only are these products no longer needed, but they are a total waste of money and can actually be very dangerous.

Flea bombs and foggers can kill off some of the pests that are in your house, but they do nothing for the ones that are on your dog, and they do not kill the eggs and pupae.

So, what about collars?  Again, a total waste of money.  The majority of these collars do not truly work, they just give us a false sense of security!

Many times the fleas will actually be hiding underneath the collar that is suppose to be killing them!

All of these items cost the same as, and usually more, than using what is proven to actually work.

The topical preventatives that are on the market today, are fast acting, effective, and safe.  And you do not have to cover up all cooking utensils and leave your home in order to use them!

As for a flea trap, that is only to gauge how many you may have hiding in your house.  Though it will kill some fleas, it still does not get to the root of the problem.

To make a trap, you fill a bowl with soapy water, set it on the floor at night, and shine a light over the bowl. 

The fleas feel the warmth from the light and jump into the water.  When the soap coats their bodies, they are unable to jump back out of the bowl.

If you want to make a trap to see just how many fleas you may have in your house, this can be an interesting experiment, but how do you really gauge how many you missed?

Vacuuming combined with treating your Golden Retriever is the most efficient and safest way to completely stop the flea's life cycle completely.

And vacuuming is free!

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