Fleece Dog Toys

Fleece dog toys seem to be one of those items that dogs adore.

It is soft on their mouths, and for some adult Golden Retrievers, it is this type of feel that they like to carry around.

They are safe toys for puppies to chew on, also.

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Fleece Dog Toys

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However, this is not a good choice for a dog that is an aggressive chewer, or for those dogs that simply love ripping apart their toys!  I have one of those!

For the dogs that do love fleece, they really love it, and you will see them almost continuously, with this in their mouths, as it seems to be a favorite.

This type of fabric retains your dog's own smell, so this may be why so many are greatly attached to it.

This assortment is a great one and there are many varieties to choose from, including the ones with the traditional squeaky sounds, some that make multiple sounds, some animal species, and even a couple that are stuffing free.

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