How to Get Rid of Ticks

Can Tick Bites be Reduced?

As long as there are ticks, there will always be the problem of how to get rid of ticks. 

It is impossible to totally eradicate them from the environment.

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to prevent their abundance and keep them off of your pets.

Ticks live in humid conditions, such as shaded, thick underbrush. 

They actually need the humidity to survive.

By keeping the area around your house free of old wet leaves and other heavy brush, this will help to force the ticks to move further away from your house.

Keeping your grass cut short and pruning unruly bushes will also help.

When you are working around your yard, wearing light colored clothing will help you to see if any ticks are crawling on you.  Because they are so dark in color, the light clothing will make them stand out and allow you to brush them off before the tick bites you.

Personally, I always kill every one I find.  You can crush them, although not easily due to their hard shells, but it can be done. 

Keeping your yard trimmed will not get rid of ticks, of course, but it will minimize the amount of ticks you will have on your Golden or on you.

Their means of transportation is crawling, as they do not fly or hop. 

They will crawl up on branches, leaves, and tall grass and then simply drop themselves unto whatever is passing by them.

They do not always bite into the first victim they land on. 

Many times they will simply use that animal as transportation for awhile, then drop off and later crawl up and attach themselves to either another animal or to a person.

Any ticks on your dogs may simply be temporarily hitch-hiking a ride into your home and then it is you that gets bit, rather than your dog.

This is another good reason to make sure you keep your Golden Retriever on a good, topical, dog flea and tick medicine.  Not just for his health, but also for the safety of your family.

Frontline Plus is one example of a good topical flea and tick preventative.  There are many other good brands on the market also.

Combining the preventative treatment on your dogs, and keeping your yards well trimmed will greatly reduce the amounts of ticks you will see or have to deal with!

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