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Affordable, easy to clean whelping box

After reading about whelping boxes my son decided it was a good idea and built one for our golden retriever. He used about 1/4 round pvc and built the

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I made some big mistakes while choosing my last puppy...

First...I went to a first time, backyard breeder. This was a huge mistake. I chose the runt of the litter, who seemed very shy and timid. All the puppies

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Buster, My Furry Soul Mate

Buster and I connected the instant I held him for the first time, when I was 7 months pregnant. Even though he drove me insane as a puppy, taking advantage

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Alex, "that" dog of my life."

This is recent and still rather fresh to the point it still hurts a lot. Alex left us just this past Sunday. Maybe a post where it is that fresh can

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Stop Puppy Chewing | Stop Dogs From Chewing

Tired of puppy chewing? Follow these guidelines and stop your dogs from chewing up the house!

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Puppy Teething Help

Following these suggestions will make getting through the puppy teething stage a whole lot easier!

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How to Treat Whipworm in Dogs

Knowing how to treat and prevent whipworm is extremely important for your dog's health.

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Basic Whelping Supplies

Have this list of basic whelping supplies on hand before the big event!

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Tick Bites

Facts About Tick Bites

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Scared Dog | Nervous Dogs

Learn the proper way of calming a scared dog!

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Puppy Vaccinations | Dog Vaccination Schedule

Learn what puppy vaccinations are needed!

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Josie Hayes

My best friend and first true love showed me how to love people and myself. She taught me in the short time she was here with me, the true secrets of life.

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Our boy Jake

On the day my youngest child was born I was blind sighted by the fact that it was a girl instead of a boy. After all,The doctor told us were having a boy

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My baby Nuggett

I will always remember her picking me at the breeders! I sat on the floor cross legged while her 2 other sisters were playing and romping she climbed

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My best friend Stryker

Stryker was the most beautiful dog I've ever had. He was so loving and happy until he developed a brain tumor and had to be put down. My most fond memories

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