Golden Retriever Colors

Do Retriever Puppies Stay the Same Color?

The range in Golden Retriever colors is almost like looking at a rainbow!

There is a vast difference between the colors of a Golden Retriever, and this includes within the same litters! 

Some have very light colors, but technically, there is not a white Golden Retriever.  A very young pup may look totally white, but as it ages, you will see a golden top coat appear.

The AKC allows various, rich shades of gold, but does not permit pure white or red coat colors in Goldens. 

What many people call a red, is actually an extremely dark shade of gold.

Also, when breeding Goldens, you never know what shade of colors you will produce!  Many dark Goldens will throw light colored pups, depending on what is in their background.

To have a good indication of what color your puppy will grow into, you will need to look at the pup's ears. 

Their color generally changes to the color that the tip of their ears are, once their puppy coat changes into their adult coat.

In this picture, notice the difference between the tips of the ears on the puppy that is on the left, then notice the tips on the puppy on the right.

The puppy on the left is going to be much darker than the Retriever puppy on the right, when they fully mature.

They normally have their true coat color in by the time they reach one year of age. 

Some Golden Retrievers will have a more pronounced, noticeable light feathering, than others have.

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