Golden Retriever Grooming

To enhance the natural beauty of your Golden Retriever, grooming her coat will be something that should be part of her overall care.

Though many owners take their Golden Retriever to be professionally groomed, much of it can be done at home.

©Photo Courtesy of Mary Robinson

Goldens' have two coats.  A soft, water-repellent outer coat, and a fairly thick undercoat. 

And as every Golden Retriever owner knows, they do shed quite a bit, especially in the spring and fall.

Regular brushing will help to keep the fur down in your home.

It will also help remove dirt from your Golden Retriever, thereby reducing the amount of baths she will need, and less dust will accumulate in your home!

Truly, a win-win situation!  :)

There are only a couple of grooming supplies that I find essential when grooming a Golden Retriever.

©Photo Courtesy of Chris Dionne

One is a double-sided pin and bristle brush.

Using the firm bristle side of the brush, and starting at her head, brush downwards, following the flow of her hair. 

When grooming a dog, always brush in a downward direction and do so gently, as to not pull any additional hair out.

Pay special attention to the areas behind her ears, the underside of her tail, the backs of her legs, and especially her hindquarters. 

These are the areas that seem to collect the most mats.

When it comes to removing any mats, there are many, various mat-splitters on the market. 

However, I have never found any that I was personally comfortable with in using.   Instead, I use either cuticle scissors or very small sewing scissors. 

Do not just try and “whack” the mat away!  You could easily injure your Golden Retriever by cutting into her skin. 

Cut only small portions of the mat at a time, and pick at the mat with your fingers and the pin side of the bristle brush.  The mat will start to untangle. 

Keep repeating this process.

When it comes to Golden Retriever grooming, an undercoat rake is the best grooming tool you can own! 

After you have brushed your Golden Retriever and removed any mats, re-brush her using the undercoat rake. 

The amount of hair that you will remove is startling!
I never cut any closer than 3/8 of an inch to the dog’s skin, and even then, I work my work slowly down to this length.  If the mat does not totally come out by then, I leave it. 

By working the rest of the mat out, the remaining part should grow out away from the skin within a week or two, then I finish getting it out then.

This comb easily reaches down into the undercoat and grabs any and all loose hair.   Using this comb when grooming dogs is truly invaluable.

©Photo Courtesy of Gavin M. Roy

When you are finished using the undercoat rake, simply use the pin side of the double-sided brush to give another once over on your Golden’s coat. 

There are many different types of “doggie cologne” on the market. 

I like to spray my dogs with some when I am done brushing them.  When they race through the house, it is almost like having an air-freshener on wheels!

For the average Golden Retriever, grooming is something that they seem to find very relaxing and look forward to.

Brushing your Golden weekly will keep her looking her best!

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