The Golden Retriever Temperament

The Golden Retriever temperament is one of intelligence, confidence, and gentleness.

Goldens love nothing more than to please you and be with you.

They need to be involved with their families and not kept outside alone.  They thrive on your companionship.

Golden Retrievers are easy going, and comical.

They keep their playful personalities throughout all their lives.

Some people complain that it seems to take “forever” for them to outgrow their puppy stage.  However, I do not find this to be true.

A few Goldens seem to take almost a year to mature in behavior and manners, but the playfulness will never be outgrown.

Their playfulness is one of the Golden Retriever characteristics that I adore.  

Though Goldens love and adore their owners, they are not known to attach to just one or two people, like some breeds do.  They love everyone!  And Goldens love socializing and playing with anyone that is willing! 

They get along with animals of every kind, and truly don't know a stranger. They especially adore children and are willing to overlook a young child's “rough” handling.

The biggest danger they pose for children is their wagging tail, which can inadvertently knock down small children.  However, it does make for a great fan in the summertime!   :)

©Photo Courtesy of Scott Beckner

They are not excessive barkers, but will on occasion, let you know when someone is at the door! 

They love to retrieve and will play fetch seemingly forever. It's usually the owner that tires of the game first!

They love water and especially seem to relish in the occasional mud bath!

They love to play in the snow and are well suited for it with their thick coats to keep them warm.

It is specifically the Golden Retriever  temperament of exceptional gentleness combined with high intelligence that makes them truly one of a kind!

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