Golden Retriever Weight and Appearance

Differences Between the Sexes

Golden Retriever weight, height, and appearances vary between the sexes in Golden Retriever dogs, however, their personalities do not.

After raising Goldens for many years, I have yet to see a big enough difference to speak of, between the personalities of the males and the females!

According to AKC standards, the males should weigh between 65 and 75 pounds and their height should be between 23 to 24 inches at their withers.

If you are wondering what “dog withers” are, it is simply the highest point on a dog behind the neck, which is typically located at the shoulders, which would be the highest point of their back.

The females' height should be 21 &1/2 to 22 &1/2 inches and their weight should be between 55 and 65 pounds.

The biggest difference between the sexes in Golden Retriever appearance is their head shape.

Male Goldens have a much more pronounced and distinct “block” type of shape to their heads.

The females head shape is much more narrow, compared to the males.

In young puppies, the shape of their heads will not be so apparent as it will be when they mature. 

Part of this is because the young male hasn't yet grown into his body shape, and part of it is because their coats are fluffy and hide some of the shape.

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