Preventing Heartworm in Dogs

Preventing heartworm in dogs is so astonishingly simple!  It is as easy as giving him a once a month pill.

A blood test does not even need to be run if he is started on a prevention program before he reaches 6 months of age.

By starting your dogs within this time frame, you can eliminate all worries and possibilities of him contracting this horrible disease.

Any dog that is older than 6 months, can not be given preventative medicine without first having the blood test to verify that he is negative, as the preventative could kill him due to the worms dying too quickly.

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This monthly medication kills heartworm in dogs and also controls other intestinal worms.
They kill roundworms and hookworms, plus a few other worms, depending on which brand you use.

It is dosed according to your dog’s weight.  Since Golden Retrievers continue to grow for over a year, it is best to buy it on a monthly basis, until he reaches his full adult weight.

You will need a prescription for this medication and most vets will allow you to purchase the correct dose on a monthly basis, without charging you for an office visit.

I simply weigh my dogs, then go to the vet’s office and let them know what weight he is currently at.

There are several heartworm medications to choose from.

The 2 brands that I use are Heartgard Plus and Interceptor.

Heartgard Plus kills heartworm and also kills and controls roundworms and hookworms. It is a flavored, soft “treat”, rather than an actual tablet.

Interceptor kills all of above mentioned, plus whipworms. It is in a hard pill form, but is also chewable and flavored.

The reason that I use both of these products, is simply a matter of which one my individual Golden Retriever prefers!

To make it easy to remember when my dogs need to take it, I always give it to them on the first day of every month.

This way I don't lose track of when it is due.

If you have multiple Golden Retrievers, or obtain a new dog, and the scheduling is off for all of them to take the medicine at the same time, it is easy to fix this.

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Heartworm preventative can be up to 7 days late and still be effective.

Slowly take a couple of months and gradually adjust when you give your dogs their heartworm treatment, until they are all on the same schedule.

Just make sure that you never give it to them early, and never more than 7 days late.

Preventing heartworm in dogs is simple and should be at the top of your canine care list!

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