I made some big mistakes while choosing my last puppy...

by Muffy Bowers
(Las Vegas. NV)

First...I went to a first time, "backyard" breeder. This was a huge mistake. I chose the runt of the litter, who seemed very shy and timid. All the puppies were adorable, but within months, I found that my adorable, lovable, and sweet golden retriever had some major health problems.

At age 9-months, after I was completely in love with my little puppy friend, I found that my doggie needed a very expensive ($5,000.00) surgery on her knee. We survived that ordeal, and for seven years, my golden was the perfect pet. Never chewed, never barked. Was a perfect angel.

However, at eight years of age, Scout, had started to develop glaucoma. Her medications were extremely expensive, and her doctor visits were intense and emotionally draining.

Her hips were weak, and she began to develop cancer in her front legs. She developed seizures and would feel helpless. It was heartbreaking to watch this relatively young dog face so many health issues.

At age nine and a half, we had to make the decision to have her put to sleep. I loved my Scout, but all total, she cost us over $10,000.00 to keep her happy and comfortable.

Hopefully, I have learned how to choose the proper breeders and the perfect puppy for my pleasure and my pocketbook.


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