In Memory of Jag

by Joanne
(AB, Canada)

In Memory of My Beloved Golden Retriever, JAG

September 22, 1997 - January 27, 2009

Jag came into my life when she was 2 months old; I had her for 11 years and 4 months. She was a sweet, gentle soul who loved everyone and they loved her.

She was special in the way she always wanted to say hello and made all feel welcome when they came to visit. She wanted to be friends with everyone she met.

She knew when things were wrong and always did her very best to cheer you along. I would sometimes look at her with envy wishing that I could be as open, trusting and easygoing as she was. I do believe she taught me more than I ever taught her.

I never understood until after her death, what a difference she had made in my life and how blessed I had been to have her. She was my Best Friend.

The pain of her loss is beyond measure and I will never forget her kind and gentle nature and the special bond we shared. I will miss her everyday for the remainder of my life.

When I see someone walking their golden I cannot help but smile, remembering Jag and the love and friendship that they too, most certainly, will share.

Sleep well, my sweet girl

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