Interactive Toys for Dogs

Golden Retrievers love attention!  These interactive toys for dogs, focus on problem solving skills, and provide mental stimulation.

What he will love the most about them, is the time and attention, he will be receiving from you!

These games are meant to be played with your dog, not as a separate toy that they use to entertain themselves, during your absence.

Kyjen Hide a Squirrel Plush Puzzle Dog Toy

Hide a Squirrel

This interactive puzzle works in reverse as the squirrels need taken out of the puzzle, not put in.
Hyper Pet The Doggie Bag

The Doggie Bag

This jumping bag that makes noises to stimulate interest. Uses with 3 AAA batteries.
The Kong Genuis Leo Connectable Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Kong Genius Leo

Durable, non-toxic, FDA food-approved TPR material. Helps combat boredom and separation anxiety.
Kyjen Kibble Drop Puzzle Dog Toy

Kibble Puzzle

Covered flaps that have scent holes, dogs must figure out where the goodies are and lift the flaps for their reward.
Chuckit Indoor Launcher and Roller with Bonus Ball

Chuckit Indoors

The indoor Ball and Roller make for a soft landing, so furniture and delicate decorations are protected.
Dogit Mind Games 3 in 1 Interactive Smart Toy

3 in 1 Smart Toy

3 in 1 interactive smart toys provides a fun experience that challenges both physical and mental abilities.

Some of these games are designed to reward your dogs, with a food treat or a smaller toy, when they solve the puzzle correctly.

101 Dog Tricks Book

101 Dog Tricks

Trick training is a great way to bond with dogs and help them integrate into your family. Full color photos.
Kyjen Tennis Slider Puzzle

Tennis Slider

The Tennis Slider will provide lots of interactive fun. Two outer panels rotate to reveal a tennis ball chamber on each side.
Calling Elk Table Lamp

Cagey Cube

It's like having 2 toys in one! Unique and flexible rubber design that can be tossed, squished and handle moderate rough play.

There are also a couple of books on teaching tricks, such as playing dead and beginning agility stunts, as well as, 50 various games that are designed for you and your Golden Retriever to play together.

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